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Microsoft announces Mesh for Teams—improves Together and Presenter mode

Microsoft just unveiled a new feature for Teams during the Ignite 2021 conference. It is called Mesh that expands what you can do with Teams.
Microsoft intros Mesh for Teams
Microsoft intros Mesh for Teams

Mesh now official for Microsoft Teams

You can chat in virtual worlds with avatars as well
You can chat in virtual worlds with avatars as well

Mesh is a new feature for Microsoft Teams that is designed to allow people in different physical locations to join virtual meetings, send chats, collaborate, and have shared holographic experiences via Teams.

Mesh improves upon two existing features namely Together and Presenter mode. It will be available from standard smartphones, laptops, and even mixed-reality headsets. Users will be able to join standard Teams meetings as custom avatars of themselves, as a static picture, or on video.

Mesh will also be available for use in custom design metaverses created by different companies and organizations. Companies can create metaverses that will serve as a persistent virtual world for people to collaborate.

Mesh for Teams will start to be available for preview in the first half of 2022.

What do you guys think?

Source: Microsoft

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