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Why switch to Smart Bro's new Rocket SIM with TRUE UNLI data for 4G and 5G?

As a result of its commitment to continuously improve its connectivity services, local telco giant Smart local telco giant is currently experiencing rapid growth of 5G users across the country.
Just PHP 499
Just PHP 499

In particular, the company recently claimed that it now has around 800,000 5G users a 200 percent increase from December 2020 with a three-fold increase in 5G data traffic in Q1 and Q2 of 2020.

It also has the widest 5G footprint in the country with 4,400 5G sites in more than 4,000 locations. Smart is also among the first to fire up a 5G SA site in the world found in Makati City.

To recall, Smart has always been a pioneer in data and connectivity in the Philippines and the first to offer 3G and 4G LTE. It is also among the first to offer 5G in the country including Southeast Asia.

As expected, Smart is not content with just that, the brand expects to continue its lead in the local 5G space.

Recently, the company introduced the Smart Bro Rocket SIM. Priced at just PHP 499, it comes with UNLIMITED data for 30 days providing Filipinos a simpler and more affordable way to get a fast internet connection for work, school, and entertainment, among others.

In this feature, we'll share with you what we think about the new Smart Bro Rocket SIM. Is it worth it? Why should you consider it?

But before that, how can you get the Rocket SIM? Read on.

How to avail of the Smart Bro Rocket SIM?

1. Purchase it at store.smart.com.ph or the Smart flagship store at Lazada's LazMall.
2. Check out.
3. Pay the PHP 499 price tag.

Note: Smart Bro also has the new UNLI DATA 299 for PHP 15 days. It may be availed using the GigaLife App.

How to use the SIM?

Insert the SIM
Insert the SIM

1. Attach the SIM to the device of your choice.
2. You will receive a message showing that you can now access the "FREE UNLI DATA FOR ALL SITES AND APPS for 30 days".
3. Open the https://smart.com.ph/ on your browser.

How to reactive the promo once your 30 days are over?

1. Make sure that you have enough load. Tip, load with PayMaya to get cash backs.
2. Download the GigaLife app on Android, iOS, or AppGallery and log in using your mobile number.
3. Select "UNLI DATA" and pay the PHP 499 fee for 30 days.

Basically, after the pre-loaded 30-day unli, subscribers can easily renew unlimited data 499 for 30 days via GigaLife app.

Why switch to Smart Bro's new Rocket SIM with TRUE UNLI data for 4G and 5G?

1. True unlimited data is back - Remember the "UNLISURF" era? It's finally back just in time in the dawn of 5G, better than ever. 

Basically, the Smart Bro Rocket WiFi UNLI DATA 499 promo provides a truly unlimited data offer on both 4G LTE and 5G networks. Other telcos only offer either unlimited 4G or unlimited 5G, not 4G and 5G at the same time.

AND yes, it has no data caps and speed-throttling. Other network providers may have limitations such as data capping or speed throttling. We experienced it.

With the Rocket SIM, there's no need to be conscious of your data. Just use it.
Solid speed!
Solid speed!

2. Super-fast and stable speeds - In our experience, it can reach speeds of around 300 Mbps for download and over 12 Mbps for upload in residential areas with 5G using the OPPO Reno6 Z 5G mid-range smartphone.
Not bad!
Not bad!

The lowest we got is around 200 to 250 Mbps. That is still so much faster than the 35 Mbps average nationwide download speed for mobile data in the country as of September 2021.

In CBDs (central business districts), expect to reach speeds of around 700 Mbps using high-end smartphones.

Note: Smart Bro claims that speeds are better when the Rocket SIM is inserted into pocket WiFis (like Rocket WiFi) versus smartphones as the SIM is really made for pocket WiFi use. We can't confirm this at the moment, but what Smart is saying is probably correct as the Rocket WiFi likely has specialized antennas for better signal reception (several pocket WiFis have stronger signal reception versus phones) and it has plenty 5G bands (Sub-6 GHz n1, n3, n20, n28, n41, n77, n78).
No 5G? Smart 4G is still quite good
No 5G? Smart 4G is still quite good

If there's no 5G in your area yet, fret not. Smart has been improving its 4G network parallel with 5G. In our test, speed varies from around 30 to 50 Mbps depending on the location. Most of the time, it is faster than the 

We also like that this SIM is not picky with devices. It worked in any open-line or Smart-locked SIM-enabled device.
UNLI Netflix!
UNLI Netflix!

3. Simply enjoy the internet to the fullest while saving money - The first two reasons we mentioned simply mean that Smart Bro Rocket SIM users will be able to simply enjoy the benefits of the internet to the fullest without worrying that their mobile data will run out.
Big files to download? No problem
Big files to download? No problem

This makes it great for browsing any site, downloading massive files, researching, streaming, online classes, Zoom calls, playing games, consuming and uploading social media content, and many more.

In our experience, there was a time where we consumed around 30GB of data in 1 day and the speed never slowed down.

In other networks, while it has perks like call and text aside from data, your PHP 199 or PHP 299 is just 25GB to 30GB of data. So if you consume a lot of data, it is a wiser choice to switch to an unlimited data promo and this one is priced at just PHP 499.

Our thoughts

Are you going to make the switch to Smart Bro's Rocket SIM?
Are you going to make the switch to Smart Bro's Rocket SIM?

The new Smart Bro Rocket SIM with UNLI data for 4G and 5G delivered on its promise of providing a truly unlimited data experience at high speeds.

This should be a great SIM of choice for young professionals, gamers, students, and simply anyone who consumes a lot of mobile data for social media, streaming, gaming, video calls, and more.

What do you guys think?

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