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Here's how you can save up to PHP 1,500 with PayMaya this payday

PayMaya brings back the #PayMayaPayDaySave for 10 days starting today!
Here's how you can save up to PHP 1,500 with PayMaya this payday
#PayMayaPayDaySale is back!

Three missions to complete!

From November 8 to 17, PayMaya users can save up to PHP 1,500 by completing transactions in-app! However, note that the offers are available for upgraded accounts only. Meanwhile, the Meralco and Lazada offers are for first-time users only.

Missions to complete on #PayMayaPayDaySave:

1. Settle Meralco bill - First-time users who will settle their Meralco bill no less than PHP 2,500 in the PayMaya app will get PHP 500 cashback.

2. Cash-in to Lazada wallet - Those who will cash in with Lazada using PayMaya for the first time will get PHP 500 cashback also. Simply cash in a minimum of PHP 2000 to avail of the offer.
#PayMayaPayDaySave Cheat Sheet
#PayMayaPayDaySave Cheat Sheet

3. Complete these Smart Spending Goals - Non-first-time users, rejoice! As soon as you complete the following missions, you can get PHP 500 cashback, too!
  • Purchase any item worth at least Php 300 from the PayMaya Shop  
  • Send money worth at least Php 1,000 to three (3) unique PayMaya users  
  • Pay at least two (2) unique billers worth at least Php 2,000 each via PayMaya  
  • Cash in at least P2,000 to your Lazada wallet via PayMaya 

For more information on the #PayMayaPayDaySave, simply visit the Missions button on the upper right button of your PayMaya app. 

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