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Samsung introduces the Sound Tower MX-T70, MX-T50 and MX-T40

Samsung has just rolled out a new line of speakers that are tower-like in form and promise to deliver powerful sound.
Samsung Sound Towers for parties at home

Get the party started with Samsung’s Sound Towers?

Samsung claims that the Sound Towers MX-T70, MX-T50, and MX-T40 take their name seriously. These sound machines stand tall with a sleek triangular design fitted with double-sided speakers for bi-directional sound.

The speakers come with various connectivity options such as Bluetooth and USB ports, making them compatible with most iOS and Android devices. They also have a Group Play feature wherein up to 10 Sound Towers can be linked up wirelessly for even more powerful music.

The 3 models come with audio output as follows: MX-T70 with 1500-watts, MX-T50 with 500-watts, and MX-T40 with 300-watts. The MX-T70, meanwhile, has a built-in 10-inch woofer, showcasing a wide range of vibration frequencies.
Users can plug in up to two microphones when using Karaoke Mode
Users can plug in up to two microphones when using Karaoke Mode

All Sound Towers feature Dynamic Bass, DJ Effect, Karaoke Mode--with plugs for up to two microphones, and customizable LED Party Lights.

Samsung has yet to reveal the SRPs of these new speakers, but they are already listed on its official PH website here.

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