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Acer outs three AcerPure air purifiers, intro price starts at PHP 4,499!

Acer launched a new product lineup for its air purifiers called AcerPure.
Acer outs three AcerPure air purifiers, with an intro price starting at PHP 4,499!
AcerPure Cool

New technologies from Acer for better air quality

According to the Taiwanese tech giant, this range was established due to its concern for the environment and the quality of air. The company is bringing AcerPure Cozy, AcerPure Pro, and AcerPure Cool in the country for cleaner air.

General Manager Sue Ong-Lim added,

The quality of air that we breathe affects the lives of people, especially these days when most of us are living our lives indoors. At Acer, we have expanded our product range by introducing new technologies and products that ensure the best air quality for everyone.

To start off, the AcerPure Cozy comes with the 3D Airflow Technology in which the turbine blade fan is combined with the spiral flow guard for a greater and more concentrated range.
AcerPure Cozy with 3D AirFlow Technology
AcerPure Cozy with 3D AirFlow Technology

According to the company, this air purifier projects air up to 15 meters away, completely circulating the air five times per hour. In addition to this, it sports an energy-efficient DC motor so the minimum airflow power consumption is just 1.18W.
AcerPure Pro
AcerPure Pro

Meanwhile, the AcerPure Pro contains a  4-in-1 HEPA filter for four-layer protection, a smart sensor, and a negative ion generator. The latter reportedly can eliminate pollutants, germs, bacteria, and other substances. This one also has an Air Quality and Gas Sensor to regulate the purifier speed automatically whereas the LCD displays real-time air quality data.

The AcerPure Cool also features a 4-in-1 HEPA filter that includes a pre-filter, activated carbon filter, and HEPA 13 main filter. It also isolates harmful gases and removes odors. It also boasts AG+ Silver Coated Filter which is said to remove bacteria and viruses like the H1N1.

All of these three air purifiers come in white color and Acer claims that they produce low working noises so they won't disturb your slumber. Moreover, the AcerPure Pro and AcerPureCool are supported by the AcerPureLife app, downloadable from the App Store or Google Play. 

This app detects indoor air quality and sends automatic notifications of indoor and outdoor air pollution alerts. It can also control, monitor, and start the air-purifying functions even when you are not home. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Price and availability

AcerPure Cozy - PHP 4,999 (PHP 4,499 introductory price)
AcerPure Pro - PHP 12,999 (PHP 11,999 introductory price)
AcerPure Cool - PHP 16,999 (PHP 14,999 introductory price)

The AcerPure Cozy can be purchased from Php 4,999.00 to only Php 4,499; while the AcerPure Pro is now only Php 11,999 from its original price of Php 12,999. And lastly, the AcerPure Cool is priced at Php14,999 from Php16,999.

You can purchase these AcerPure air purifiers for a discounted price at select Acer concept and online stores starting on December 1 to 31, 2021.

To learn more about this new line of AcerPure products, you can visit the brand's official website.

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