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Blacklist Ultimate crowned as East Finals Kings in CODM World Championship 2021

Blacklist International-Ultimate became the East Finals champions in the CODM: Mobile World Championship 2021 after beating Singapore's team ALMIGHTY.
Blacklist Ultimate crowned as East Finals Kings in CODM World Championship 2021
The champions from the east

CODM East Finals world champions!

The Filipinos had to go through a tough series before they were able to defeat their tenacious Singaporean enemies. Both teams took turns in victories in the first four maps, with Blacklist securing the map Hardpoint at Summit 150-84 and 150-120 in Domination Standoff. Meanwhile, ALMIGHTY secured the maps of Destroy in Raid 6-5 and Hardpoint in Firing Range 150-134.

However, the Filipino squad won in the final map of Seach and Destroy at Crossfire with a 6-5 score which lead to close the series in 3-2.

According to Esports by Inquirer, Blacklist had faced difficulties and disadvantages on their way to becoming the world champions as they had just met and practiced with their coach four days prior to the event. They were also considered as underdogs with almost no significant Esports figure predicting to finish first or second in the group to advance in the playoffs.

Moreover, they were forced to use an iPhone with only 60fps against other teams using Sony Xperiasthe official phone for CODM with 120fps support as Blacklist's own Sony Xperias did not arrive on time. Despite these adversities, the team showed brilliance and manage to win the tournament.

The members of the team are John Benedict "JaBen" Julio, Railey "Yobabs" Abrenica, Gian "Yato" Socao, Martin "Tin" Yap, Neil Isaac "F1ex" Perez, Aj "Eiji" Agbing, Kenn "Kensh1" Ortiz, and Averson "skerd" Salaya.

The East Finals champions are set to take home USD 300,000 or around PHP 15 million which is the biggest share of the USD 1 million prize pool of the contest. The S-tier tournament had a special format that divided East and West finals due to pandemic restrictions.

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