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China urges Canada to shrug off Huawei security risk issue "invented" by US

A Chinese government official called on Canada's capital city Ottawa to dismiss claims of the US government against tech giant Huawei.
China urges Canada to shrug off Huawei security risk issue 'invented' by US
File photo: A Huawei store in China

China woos Canada for Huawei

This, as Huawei may be excluded from Canada's 5G mobile network rollout.

According to Cong Peiwu, Chinese ambassador to Canada, issues raised by the US government, including the claim that Huawei poses a threat to national security "is invented by the United States" and "the main purpose of that is to crack down on Huawei".

It can be recalled that last month, the Biden administration added more companies to its trade blacklist. The US government also further restricted tech giants Huawei and ZTE from doing business with American firms.

We do hope that the Canadian side make their judgment on its own and not listen to the opinion of the United States, Peiwu said.

Deciding not to do so would be "sending out a very wrong signal to the Chinese companies."

Other Canadian allies already followed suit in letting go of Huawei, including Britain, Japan, Australia, and Sweden.

Major Canadian telco players have already announced that they would tap other 5G partners instead of Huawei.

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