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DITO's new towers allegedly remained working in the areas hit by Super Typhoon Odette

DITO CME reported that the new towers of the third major telco in the Philippines helped its withstand the natural calamity.
DITO's new towers allegedly remained operational in the areas hit by Super Typhoon Odette
File photo: DITO Telecommunity

Towers were able to withstand the strong winds of Odette

According to the DITO CME President Eric Alberto, the telco was still able to provide services in areas affected by the super typhoon.

He said that state-of-the-art technology and network infrastructure helped DITO. This is allegedly because they do not have any "legacy baggage" like other telecommunication firms.

Inspitr of this statement, the top executive said that DITO is not focusing to replace the other telcos to become the primary SIM of many subscribers.

Since the Philippine market is already 130 percent penetrated by other service providers, Alberto said that the company likes to try their services out.

On the interview, he also explained that DITO is also not keen on having a price war against other telcos. He said that this act would compromise each player's ability to provide quality service to subscribers.

Allegedly, the new telco would rather provide "differentiated customer experience and quality service", relying on its brand new 4G and 5G networks.

Despite the crowded market, President Eric Alberto claimed that DITO is also positive about growth and capturing a 30 percent share of total telco subscribers.

Alberto added that there's a faster adoption of digital services in the country in the wake of the pandemic. He pointed out that the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital lifestyles in terms of online shopping and commerce, entertainment, and fintech.

DITO CME, which holds the majority stake in DITO Telecommunity, is set to hold a stock rights offer next week, partly to fund the expansion of telco services.

Source: ABS-CBN

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