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LG showcases advancements in 6G technology in South Korea

LG is showcasing the fruits of the efforts of its R&D team for the future of wireless transmission. It demonstrated 6G technology in South Korea.
LG showcases advancements in 6G technology in South Korea
LG is showcasing its advancements in 6G

LG now researching and developing 6G wireless technology

During the 2021 Korea Science and Technology Exhibition or KINTEX, LG announced that it is demonstrating its achievements in 6G wireless connectivity. It is showing both its transmission and reception capabilities.

The company is showing its 6G power amplifier for the very first time. This power amplifier is developed in partnership with German organization Fraunhofer Research Institute. LG used this power amplifier in Berlin, Germany last August to successfully transmit and receive data wirelessly in a distance of 100 meters in a straight line outdoors using a 6G THz frequency band.

The Terahertz wireless technology can use a frequency band between 100GHz and 10THz to achieve transmission speeds of up to 1 terabit per second. Yes, 1 Tbps.

For ultra-wideband wireless communication in such a high-frequency band, the creation of a power amplifier is required to address issues such as short frequency reach and extreme power loss in the antenna transmission/reception process.

LG also showcased 'Adaptive beamforming,' which alters beam directions in response to changes in channel and receiver placements.

In addition, the company created full-duplex (FDR) technology, which allows users to transmit and receive data in the same frequency band at the same time. 6G is expected to be commercially available in 2029, with standardization following in 2025.

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