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LIST: Benefits you can get when sending aguinaldo through PayMaya

We're three days away from Christmas and here are some tips from PayMaya when sending your aguinaldos!
LIST: Benefits you can get when sending aguinaldo through PayMaya
Send digital aguinaldo with PayMaya this Christmas

Get a chance to win PHP 1M, too!

If your "inaanaks" or other relatives are away from your home and you want to give them aguinaldos this Christmas, sending them through PayMaya will earn you perks! Whether it's a PayMaya, bank account, or even those without a financial account, it's all possible with PayMaya. 

How to easily send aguinaldo with PayMaya this Christmas:

1. Send it with a GIF - Did you know that you can send a digital aguinaldo with a fun GIF? PayMaya's Send money feature allows you to include a GIF and a personalized message whenever you send money to another PayMaya user. 

2. Earn a cashback on your transfer fee to other banks! - If you’re transferring funds to a bank account, PayMaya could be your best option. It's because you can earn PHP 15 cashback on your transfer fee via Instapay until December 31, 2021! 

3. Transfer aguinaldo to those without a bank account - With PayMaya, sending aguinaldos to those without financial accounts is possible. Simply transfer the money from your PayMaya app straight to the trusted Smart Padala agent of your recipient.

To transfer funds, just tap Send Money on your PayMaya app, input the 16-digit account number of your recipient's trusted Smart Padala agent, key in the amount for sending, and confirm your transaction. Once sent, you'll receive a reference number which you’ll have to share with your recipient so they can claim the funds instantly.  

On top of this convenience, you can also stand a chance to bring home a PHP 1M by simply logging in and using your PayMaya app for your everyday transactions! 

Every time you log in to your PayMaya app, you'll receive an instant random reward of up to PHP 1,000. And when you use your PayMaya app to send money, pay bills, or buy load/gaming pins, you get to earn a raffle entry - giving you a chance to win PHP 1M until December 31! 

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