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Mighty Catcher a new NFT game enters in PH

A brand new play-to-earn game is now available in the Philippines which gives real and NFT prices dubbed as the Mighty Catcher.
Mighty Catcher a new NFT game enters in PH
Mighty Catcher

A new NFT game contender!

Mighty Catcher is a virtual claw machine game with real-time controls and no lag that allows newbies to make money with daily login incentives and skilled players to combine skill and hard effort to earn more.
Mighty Catcher a new NFT game enters in PH
Game preview

The NFT game has also introduced a new package that provides players with more opportunities to earn, including monthly events where players can win transferable and limited NFT prizes. Additionally, Binance Smart Chain GameFi, a blockchain gaming platform where play-to-earn gamers can manage their yield, item values, and exchange in-game stuff, will soon authorize the game.
With many rewards can be earned
With many rewards can be earned

Users can also recycle their physical gifts for more profit by converting them to XPT, an in-game currency.

Mighty Catcher has launched a new Play to Earn bundle for 7,880 Mcoins or equivalent to PHP 5,180 as part of the GameFi features.

According to a number of blockchain and NFT-based players' research, when combined with a monthly membership of around PHP 440, gamers can get a 93 percent return on investment in just 30 days. Subscribers can earn 150 XPT every day simply by signing in. 

Lastly, the play-to-earn game also has three modes, you can either play it in Simple, Normal, or Hard modes whichever your skills may fit. 

It is now available for download in Google Play Store and App Store. You may also like and follow their Facebook and Twitter to get updated about the game. For players who need tutorials, you may click this link.

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