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Congress OKs final reading on SIM card registration bill

The House of Representatives yesterday passed the final reading to approve the final reading on the bill to mandate SIM card registration in the Philippines.
Congress OKs final reading on SIM card registration bill
File photo: SIM card attached on the vivo X70

Law to register your SIM card soon?

The lawmakers (Congress) approved House Bill No. 5793 which aims to help law enforcers track down those who use mobile phones to engage in criminal activities like theft or kidnapping. The voting result is 181-6-0.

CNN reported that under the bill, all public telecommunications entities (PTEs) and direct sellers of prepaid and postpaid SIM cards shall mandate users to accomplish a control-numbered registration form and present valid identification with a photo.

The SIM card user would need to share his or her full name, date of birth, gender, and address in the form provided.

Meanwhile, those with existing prepaid SIM cards will also be asked to comply. The telco can automatically deactivate its services to the subscriber who will fail to do so.

Even foreign nationals who will purchase SIM cards in the country are covered by the proposed law.

The telecommunication providers and direct sellers would have to establish a SIM card register of their subscribers and submit updated data to the Department of Information and Communications Technology every six months.

There is also a confidentiality clause that prohibits the disclosure of any information on a subscriber unless upon subpoena or lawful order from a competent court or written request from a law enforcement agency in relation to an ongoing investigation, that a particular number requested is used in the commission of a crime.”

A fine of up to PHP 1 million for PTEs and PHP 50K for direct sellers or suspension of operation awaits if they will fail to abide by the rules.

Suspension or dismissal from service and a fine to be determined by the court shall be imposed if the offense is committed by an employee of an implementing government agency.

Source: CNN

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