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OPPO outs MariSilicon X, the company's first 6nm NPU!

Chinese tech giant OPPO yesterday revealed its first self-developed NPU chipset at the OPPO INNO DAY 2021—the MariSilicon X.
OPPO outs MariSilicon X, the company's first 6nm NPU!
MariSilicon X

A new  AI-focused imaging chip!

The new MariSilicon X NPU is an imaging based chipset independently designed and developed by OPPO. Founder and CEO Chen Mingyong notes that the chip was named after the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the world. This is to signify the company's great depth of "imagination" and innovation.
A 6nm-based NPU chip!
A 6nm-based NPU chip!

The MariSilicon X NPU is a 6nm-based chip. OPPO said that it will offer real-time AI computing to improve energy efficiency, "industry-leading" ultra HDR capabilities, lossless real-time RAW captures, can maximize RGBW sensor performance, and enable 20-bit HDR Fusion with "extreme" dynamic range.

The Enhanced RGBW Pro Mode promises a 2x increase in RAW processing, up to 8.6dB Image SNR, and up to 1.7x More Textures.

The company also notes that this chip will allow phones to record 4K Night Videos with each frame as clean as the night shot stills.

The chip consists of an NPU, ISP, and Memory Subsystem. According to the company, it has 18 TOPS processing speed, 11.6 TOPS/W power efficiency, and Tera bps Memory Subsystem for up to 20x faster 4K AI performance.

The company notes that the chip will be available in handsets next year. The chip will be featured in the 2022 Find X series flagship phones making them a dual-chip high-end device.

Source: OPPO, Via: GizmoChina

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