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You can now upgrade to a Smart eSIM nationwide!

Local telco giant Smart yesterday announced that the company is now offering eSIM conversion among all Smart Signature subscribers nationwide.
You can now upgrade to a Smart eSIM nationwide!
Smart eSIM now available

You can now upgrade to a Smart eSIM!

To recap, an eSIM is an embedded chip inside a smartphone or an Apple device that enables subscribers to conveniently activate their cellular network with their carrier. With this tech, subscribers may easily active a mobile plan between multiple operator profiles without having to switch out their physical SIM.

Smart said that its eSIM can store the subscribers' network settings and allows them to use the Smart network and services.

According to the company, all new, existing, and recontracting subscribers availing of Smart Signature Device and SIM-only Plans can apply for an eSIM at the nearest Smart Store nationwide. Upon successful application, subscribers shall be given a printed QR code to scan using their device while online.

The eSIM is compatible with Smart Signature Device plans for the iPhone 13, 12, and 11 Series as well as the Galaxy Z Series, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series, and the Galaxy Note 20 Series, among others.

To know more about Smart Signature, read here.

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