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Starbucks Philippines launches Mobile Order and Pay via the app!

Starbucks customers can now place orders ahead of their store visit thru the Starbucks app.
Starbucks Philippines launches Mobile Order and Pay via the app!
Need to get your Coffee fix fast?

Safely order and pay thru your phone!

Starbucks launches a new solution to meet both convenience and safety called the Starbucks Mobile Order & Pay. It allows valued patrons to place orders ahead of their Starbucks store visit and pick up their orders from their preferred store.

The company claims that the ordering program is seamless and is integrated into the Starbucks Philippines app and Starbucks Rewards Program.
One option is curbside pick-up
One option is the curbside pick-up

To use the service, customers must download the Starbucks Philippines app thru the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and then register to the Starbucks Rewards Program. A

Once registered, customers can tap 'Order' in the app and then proceed to pay with their chosen payment method. During the order process, users can customize their beverages, including the option of size, number of espresso shots, dairy selections and more. Users can also ask to have their pastries warmed.

They must then choose pick-up type and then pick their preferred Starbucks Store from the list.

Users have the following options:

1. In-store pickup - User heads straight to the Starbuck store's pickup counter for their order
2. Curbside pickup - User must park at a designated parking slot, check-in and a barista will deliver the order to the user.
3. Drive-thru pick-up - User must arrive at the drive-thru window and pick-up their order
4. Outdoor pick-up - User must arrive at their chosen pick-up point, check-in and then a barista will deliver the order to the user.
Outdoor pickup option
Outdoor pickup option

“Starbucks Philippines will continue to provide customers with the unparalleled Starbucks Experience and create new moments of connection through enhanced digital offerings. As we welcome customers back to our stores, we'd like to offer more convenient options to enjoy their coffee.” says Jamie Silva, senior manager for Marketing, Digital Customer Experience and Loyalty of Starbucks Philippines.

Starbucks Rewards members who use the Mobile Order & Pay feature will collect stars on their purchases. During the holiday season, members also have the option to collect e-stickers for mobile orders under the Starbucks Traditions promotion.

This service effectively allows Starbucks customers to order their favorite beverages and pastries from any location.

What do you guys think?

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