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realme confirms that the GT 2 series will come with bio-polymer material, a 150-degree ultra-wide-angle camera, and Innovation Forward communication!

The world's fastest-growing and the Philippines' number 1 mobile maker realme today revealed 3 new technologies found on the upcoming GT 2 series.
realme confirms that the GT 2 series will come with bio-polymer material, a 150-degree ultra-wide-angle camera, and Innovation Forward communication!
The fisheye mode!

New impressive technologies for smartphones!

It includes 3 world's first innovations—bio-polymer material, 150-degree ultra-wide-angle camera, and the Innovation Forward communication.

First, the realme GT series will be the first to use a back cover made of bio-polymer material with Master Design. realme said that this is a minimalist and sustainability-focused design inspired by paper.

The realme GT 2 Pro's back cover is boasting a bio-polymer material that serves as an eco-friendly alternative to fossil raw materials that contribute to global warming. realme is boasting the SABIC bio-based material which passed the ISCC International Sustainability and Carbon Certification as well as various stringent environmental regulation standards, such as REACH, RoHS, and EPEAT.

The realme GT 2 Pro also has a new box design that reduced the overall plastic ratio from 21.7 percent to just 0.3 percent for this model.
150-degree ultra-wide-angle sample
150-degree ultra-wide-angle sample

In terms of camera innovation, the realme GT 2 series is also the world's first with a 150-degree ultra-wide-angle camera with fisheye mode. This can expand the view of the phone's main camera with an 84-degree field of view to a whopping 150 percent, a 278 percent increase. This will allow its users to capture a wider perspective in each photo and it could be great in landscape and building photography.

It also has the world's first fisheye mode allowing the users to enjoy an ultra-long depth of field effect and large field of view.
Innovation Forward Communication
Innovation Forward Communication

The emerging mobile maker also highlighted that it has Innovation Forward Communication with Stable Signal and 360-degree NFC. It's the world's first ultra-wide-band antenna switching technology (HyperSmart) with WiFi Enhancer and 360-degree near-field communication (NFC) technology.
5G Signal Stability Comparison
5G Signal Stability Comparison

realme claims that the HyperSmart antenna switching technology is designed with 12 wrap-around antennas that cover all sides of the phone and support mainstream bands in almost all directions, all with the same signal strength. The company claims that this will allow the GT 2 Pro to intelligently evaluate the signal strength of all antennas and automatically select the one with the best signal.

The WiFi network enhancer, it has a symmetrical WiFi antenna that is designed to ensure a more balanced signal strength around the phone. realme labs note that it improves signal stability by 20 percent versus asymmetrical WiFi antenna design.

It also integrates two cellular antennas with NFC signal transceiver function that increases the sensing area by 500 percent and sensing distance by 20 percent.

Basically, the entire upper part of the GT 2 Pro senses NFC signals in either direction, facilitating the use of NFC for swapping cards and smartphones.

Stay tuned for more info once realme make the GT 2 series official.

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