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Blacklist International wins Mobile Legends M3 World Championship with a clean sweep

Blacklist International was named as the best in the World after beating Onic PH 4-0 in all Filipino M3 World Championship Grand finals.
Blacklist International wins Mobile Legends M3 World Championship with a clean sweep
Winning moment

Congratulations to M3 World Champions!

For the second time, another Filipino team has risen to the top of the most prestigious Mobile Legends tournament. Just like Bren Esports (M2 Winner), Blacklist International had to grind the lower bracket after falling to their American nemesis BTK during the 1st round of the Playoffs. 
The M3 trophy
The M3 trophy

The loss was for a good reason though, according to the team's captain OhMyV33NUS he said it was an eye-opener for them and that loss has just woken up the sleeping dragons. Now with a refined iconic "UBE strategy" they went rampage through the lower bracket with commanding wins against Onic Indonesia, Brazil's Vivo Keyd, Indonesia's RRQ Hoshi, and Evos Singapore eventually getting their revenge match against BTK on the lower bracket finals which they beat with a score of 3-1 and secures the grand finals slot.

Meanwhile, in the upper bracket, another Filipino Team was also dominating other countries. Onic PH remained undefeated in the upper bracket and was the first to secure the grand finals slot. They are utilizing their unique "Banana split" strategy. A tactic that spreads all their heroes all over the map and takes every objective they can. Apparently, other countries have never seen such tactics which caught them off guard.

Moving to the grand finals, both teams were undoubtedly strong. But like every tournament, there will always be one Champion. And that Blacklist International's draft was just dominating game after game. They only have to wait for their certain power spikes which will eventually come and that's the time the team will take over eventually leading to a 4-0 sweep. Coach Bon Chan the mastermind of Blacklist wins just knew how to defeat their Filipino rivals as they were the ones who they fought back in MPL PH season 8 Grand finals.
Hailed as the World Champion MVP
Hailed as the World Champion MVP

Also, Blacklist's Kiel "OHEB" Soriano was just phenomenal, he was named as the MVP of the M3 World Championship. He was also given the moniker of "The Filipino Sniper" for his mastery of using marksman carries and also because he rarely misses the shots. Through this feat, he was also handed a prize of USD 10,000 or equivalent to PHP 498K.

With the team winning the grand finals, they secure the prize of USD 300,000 (around PHP 15 million).
Blacklist's lineup
Blacklist's lineup

The complete members of the team are Edward Jay "EDWARD" Dapadap, Danerie "Wise" James Del Rosario, Dexstar "Dex Star" Louise Alaba, Johnmar "OhMyV33NUS" Villaluna, Kiel Calvin "OHEB" Soriano, Mark Jayson "ESON" Gerardo, Salic "Hadji" Imam, and Coach Kristoffer "Bon Chan" Ricaplaza.

Their win on the M3 world championship also means that it's a back-to-back title for the Philippines.

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