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TCL showed its Fold 'n Roll Prototype in DTC 2021 held in China

Last April 2021, we've seen the concept of Fold 'n Roll phablet. This time, TCL has shared a video showcasing the prototype model of the device.
TCL show its Fold 'n Roll Prototype in DTC 2021 held in China
Fold 'n Roll concept renders

A glimpse of the next-gen smartphone

Looking at the video, just like what its name suggests, the device can be folded to turn it into a regular smartphone or slide to transform it into a 10-inch tablet. This could potentially be an all-in-one device for multimedia consumption as well as multitasking due to its wider display when rolled.

As of the moment, the short clip from DTC 2021 in Shenzhen, China revealed that there is only one unit and while the technology looks promising, it is still far from done yet. The screen can be seen that lags while trying to adapt to the changes. Meanwhile, the China media representatives said that this was only a showcase of the next-gen display capabilities by TCL and its subsidiary CSOT.

To give you an idea, CSOT stands for China Star Optoelectronics Technology. It is a company that provides screens for TCL's TV business. Moreover, it is also a reputable brand in the home market, supplying LCD panels to six local TV manufacturers and boasting the world's fastest display growth rate.

Nonetheless, it's nice to see a glimpse of what would high-end smartphones become in the near future.

What do you guys think?

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