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TECNO shares what to expect in smartphone cameras in 2022

TECNO believes that smartphone cameras will just get better once the year 2022 rolls in. What can we expect for mobile photography though? Read on!
TECNO shares what to expect in smartphone cameras in 2022
What to expect from TECNO in terms of photography in 2022

TECNO looks ahead on what to expect for mobile photography in 2022

Bigger sensors with pixel binning
Bigger sensors with pixel binning

TECNO believes that smartphones will be able to shoot brighter and steadier images with smarter AI backing as well. Some of the technologies to achieve these improvements include sensor-shift stabilization, new RGBW sensors, personalized AI algorithms, to name a few.

First, TECNO aims to debut the first Android smartphone with sensor-shift stabilization in 2022. Sensor-shift stabilization aims to achieve a response frequency of 5,000 adjustments per second. This combined with advancements in conventional OIS systems TECNO is looking to stabilization of up to 5 degrees compared to the current benchmark of 3 degrees with OIS.

Next, TECNO aims to provide better high-resolution sensors with pixel binning that can give a balance in good resolution and great light sensitivity. According to Counterpoint Research, 40 percent of smartphones in Q2 2021 had 48MP - 64MP sensors. 100MP sensors are fitted in 3 percent of smartphones released in 2021. Now, expectations of 200MP sensors are high in 2022.

With this high pixel count comes more details but has smaller pixel sizes. This means that less light is captured which translates to bad camera performance in darker scenes. Now, sensor manufacturers are deploying an algorithm-driven technique in pixel binning to counteract this to let in more light while retaining detail.

In terms of zoom technology, slimmer phones become a hindering development for mobile photography. Optical zoom need ample space for all its moving parts and bulky telephoto lens. The next step is to offer continuous optical zoom that allows users to shift between different focal lengths smoothly.

TECNO aims to release its continuous optical zoom technology in H2 2022 that will allow users to shift between 3x and 5x zooms seamlessly. It will be featuring new techs such as the long-stroke motor and Active Optical Alignment.

There are the new RGBW sensors as well that will capture color information through the Color Filter Array mechanism with a configuration of Red, Green, Blue, and White. The addition of White pixels will increase light sensitivity by 60 percent for better low light photography.
Better AI processing with TECNO TAIVOS
Better AI processing with TECNO TAIVOS

TECNO says that it will be using AI to personalize portrait shots. Yes, the hardware improvements are great but a good image processing system is also needed for great images. Dark skin components, for example, are recognized and properly reproduced by TECNO's TAIVOS signal processing technology. According to TECNO, the company "produces more than 6,120 Evaluation Scenarios across 115 nations" using a massive dark skin database.

The AI engine recognizes and classifies different elements such as faces and hair color to estimate the subject's age, gender, and skin tone in portrait photography. The shot is then enhanced for clarity, color, and light, allowing for a more accurate portrayal of darker skin tones even in low-light situations. AI also helps in scene, light, and color enhancements, especially for the background.

Smartphones will become better at producing 3D representations of the scene and recognizing edges as Time of Flflight (ToF) and Dynamic Vision Sensors (DVS) improve. This will enable more precise measurements as well as features like increased and gradual background blurring for users.

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