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Watch: TECNO further highlights its newest camera technologies

TECNO further highlights their latest camera innovations in Counterpoint's webinar " Global Mobile Camera Trends 2022: Innovation Talk".
TECNO introduces New Video Technologies in Counterpoint's webinar
The new sensors

TECNO to provide 3 camera innovations next year!

Recently we've seen the smartphone brand reveal three new camera innovations that they will be launching next year.

According to TECNO, next year they will be the first to integrate Sensor Shift technology in an Android device. To recap, the Sensor Shift is an image stabilization technology that uses sensor movements instead of lens movements to compensate for vibrations. With additional algorithm optimization, the control accuracy of TECNO's Sensor Shift is expected to reach 350% of its current level in the future. With this, consumers will be able to take studio-quality images with better consistency. See the full video below.

The next innovation would be, the brand's latest Telescopic Lens that has a large aperture and continuous lossless zoom. Users will now be able to enjoy higher-quality profiles and telephotographs. It also features a compressed rear focal length (BFL) design with motorized stretchable lenses, which reduces the phone's thickness significantly. You may refer to the clip below for more information.

The 3rd one will be the RGBW/G+P technology which will provide better light sensitivity. G+P means Glass + Plastic lens, then TECNO pairs it with their own RGBW sub-pixel rendering algorithm that will increase light capture by 200 percent thus giving users better low-light imaging for dark scenarios.
The light sensor
The light sensor

With these technologies, TECNO Mobile will stay true to its promise by continuing to provide Filipino customers an affordable smartphone yet still packed with innovative features.

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