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YouTube Premium adds Listening controls to Android and iOS app!

YouTube has made listening controls available for all videos after testing the new UI feature in May.
YouTube Premium adds Listening controls to Android and iOS app!
New listening controls

YouTube Premium subscribers get a new feature!

In May, YouTube started testing the new 'Listening controls' that hinted at the arrival of a dedicated music player to the YouTube app for Premium subscribers. 
Now available on the YouTube app
Now available on the YouTube app

Now, the 'Listening controls' is now available for all videos for Premium subscribers. 

To access these controls, users just need to press the meatball or three-dot button on the top right of the video. Select 'Listening controls' and there you have it.

When selected, Listening controls takes over the bottom part of the app with the Play/Pause, Next/Previous, and Rewind/Forward buttons. Users can also Like, Save and select the speed of the video.

Once Listening controls is active, it is persistent and will remain even when you switch to a new video from the Home feed, search, subscriptions and the like. This effectively hides the 'Up next' feed.

When only listening to YouTube Music or audio-only, a pill over the player will appear that suggests the user to launch the said feature. 

The new feature is now live on the YouTube app for Android and iOS for YouTube Premium subscribers in the US and in the Philippines. 

What do you guys think?

Source: 9to5Google

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