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#DeleteFoodpanda: Foodpanda releases official statement—promises better service for vendors, riders, and customers!

As an update to the #DeleteFoodpanda debacle, Foodpanda released its official statement regarding the issues that drew the ire of users and vendors.
#DeleteFoodpanda: Foodpanda releases official statement—promises better service for vendors, riders, customers!
Here is Foodpanda's official statement about the #DeleteFoodpanda issue

Foodpanda's official statement has been released

Here's the statement
Here's the statement

To recap, the popular food delivery drew flak recently due to different posts about it via social media. Foodpanda was criticized due to its policies and the "unreasonable" amount it charges its partner restaurant. One of the more popular posts was Mama Dith's post. This is a popular restaurant in Antipolo.

The short story is that Foodpanda is requiring partner merchants to pay as much as 27 percent of their revenue (+12 percent of the 27 percent as VAT), excluding "administration fees". There were also delays on the 2-week handover promise that turned into two months.

According to Foodpanda, the company listens to feedback from partners and customers. Feedback such as Mama Dith's was said to be taken seriously to improve Foodpanda's services. Foodpanda also stated that it appreciates the efforts put in by its partner merchants day in and day out.

In the company's investigation, a human error was found in the updating of bank information that had caused a deal in remittance to Mama Dith's. Foodpanda assured everyone that payments have been made to Mama Dith's last week.

Foodpanda also assured partners and users that additional steps and precautions have been put in to make sure that human errors on manual processes do not occur again. The company also extended its apology to all affected vendors.

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