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#DeleteFoodpanda: Users and partner merchants posting complaints against the delivery service

Foodpanda drew flaks from netizens due to the complaints from its customers, riders, and even partner merchants.
#DeleteFoodpanda: Users and partner merchants posting complaints against the delivery service
Protesting to boycott the delivery service

Partner merchants venting about "exorbitant" fees?

The popular food delivery service is now viral because of controversial posts about it on social media. In particular, the company was bombarded by complaints against Foodpanda's policies and the "unreasonable" amount it charges its partner restaurants.

The frustrations and grievances were typically posted online, several are unified under the hashtag #DeleteFoodpanda.

One of the posts that gain attention is Mama Dith's, a Pinoy restaurant in Antipolo.

Based on its post on Facebook, Foodpanda has required them to pay as much as 39 percent of their revenue, excluding "administration fees". Aside from that, the company's claim of a 2-week handover has turned into two months. 

According to the post, the owner of Mama Dith's tried to reach out to Foodpanda through its application channels. However, they were met with unresponsive or open-ended replies. Allegedly, the company only said that they are willing to work it through when the partner merchant threatened to involve the Department of Trade and Industry in the dispute.

Another small restaurant Rajput Halal Pak Cuisine from Paranaque has aired their complaint against the delivery service. They said on the post that their profits sometimes get cut down to half for no apparent reason.

Foodpanda allegedly implements rules without asking their consent, further lessening their margins and sending them into the red. Other posts by personal accounts testify to these as well.

Last year, took action on the Foodpanda scandal involving a public protest from 100 riders. Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello 3rd has ordered an investigation of the food delivery app provider because of its decision to ban 43 of its riders in Davao City after they took part in a protest action over changes to their payment scheme.

We still have to wait for Foodpanda to explain its side so stay tuned for updates.

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