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Globe extends FREE telco services to subscribers in Kazakhstan

Amid the ongoing crisis in Kazakhstan, Globe Telecom has decided to continue providing FREE connectivity services for its customers.
Globe extends free telco services to subscribers in Kazakhstan
Globe extends FREE services in Kazakhstan

Free Globe services for customers in Kazakhstan

Filipinos residing there can connect with their loved ones as Globe is extending its free services: 15 minutes of incoming and outgoing calls, 15 texts to all networks, and 1GB data good for 7 days.

We understand how connectivity is of utmost importance to our customers in Kazakhstan. We wish to provide them assistance to be able to reach out and communicate with their loved ones at home especially during these trying times which are also marked by an ongoing pandemic, said Coco Domingo, Globe VP for Postpaid and International Business.

To access the services, Globe said customers only need to connect to its roaming partners Beeline (Kar-Tel) and Mobile Telecom-Service LLP.

To make a call, dial “+”+ country code + area code + telephone number (ex. +63773101212) or dial “+” + country code + mobile number (ex. +639171234567).

Meanwhile, to send a text, type “+”+ country code + mobile number (ex. +639171234567).

To enjoy the 1GB data allocation, subscribers just need to turn on mobile data and data roaming on their phone setting. After that, set the network connection to either 3G or LTE.

People in Kazakhstan have been facing rising oil prices, triggering anti-government riots.

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