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CES 2022: LG unleashed futuristic devices Vision OMNIPOD and CLOi GuideBot!

The tech giant unveiled an innovative guide robot and a cutting-edge mobile cabin concept.
CES 2022: LG unleashed futuristic devices Vision OMNIPOD and CLOi GuideBot!

LG presented out-of-the-box concepts during the big tech event

The CES 2022 announcements from the South Korean company highly focused on AI and smart deployments to improve lives both in and out of the home.

LG CEO William Cho emphasized in the announcement that they are focused on transforming lives "at a fundamental level". He added,

Our job is to support and empower you to obtain the better life you deserve.

During the CES event, LG showed off CLOi GuideBot. It's an AI business partner that drives autonomously and is said to be capable of multitasking. Reportedly, CLOi can be an information kiosk, a mobile advertising space, and even provide security services.
LG CLOi GuideBot
LG CLOi GuideBot

The CLOi GuideBot was shown directing guests, with the potential for use in conferences and retail applications. It features a sizable screen that can display advertising and navigate environments while directing guests.
Smart and mobile concierge
Smart and mobile concierge

Moreover, the GuideBot also houses speech recognition and touch interaction. According to LG, it can easily add a new service or menu item. It uses a dedicated CLOi CMS to provide tailored information for the customers.

Lastly, the company claims that this new robot can also double as a mobile security camera. There's a function for setting and scheduling a recording route for on-site security monitoring.
Upgradeable home appliances
Upgradeable home appliances

Aside from the CLOi Guidebot, LG also introduced its Vision OMNIPOD. Allegedly, this is a futuristic cabin that can reconstruct the customer’s space for a range of needs. This is said to be designed to bring one's home to the car.

The four-wheeled car boasts an array of appliances, including a sizable "meta environment" screen and an innovative dashboard display.

This vehicle is also equipped with the ability to interact with virtual influencer Reah Keem. Reah is a virtual assistant that can respond to various cabin themes.

These are just some of the few innovations that LG presented among other things. There's no information yet if the company will release them in the market soon.

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