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A 12GB VRAM variant of NVIDIA RTX 3080 silently unveiled

A new 12GB VRAM model of the high-end GPU NVIDIA RTX 3080 silently arrives on its website. Read on what's new in this graphics card.
A 12GB VRAM variant of NVIDIA RTX 3080 silently unveiled
RTX 3080 renders

A new variant silently arrives!

NVIDIA did not have an announcement or press release about its latest offering, except the only sign of its existence was spotted on the updated specification sheet of the RTX 3080 found on the company's website.
The spec sheet of the GPU
The spec sheet of the GPU

The initial version of the RTX 3080 had 10GB of memory, but with its larger 384-bit memory bus, the additional 2GB of memory will provide 20% more cumulative bandwidth.

The new model of the RTX 3080 also has 8960 CUDA cores, that's a tad upgrade from 8,704 CUDA cores or equivalent to nearly 3 percent compared to the 10GB model. It also has a new base clock of 1.44GHz from 1.26GHz but retains the boost clock of 1.71GHz.

Meanwhile, the GPU maker advises using a 750W power supply, but keep in mind the new variant consumes an additional 30W, reaching 350W in total compared to the regular version of the GPU with 320W only.

Other specs were retained such as the 2nd Gen of Ray Tracing and Tensor cores. Overall what you can see is just a minor upgrade but the additional 2GB VRAM is what matters the most for its users.

As for its pricing, it is yet to be confirmed by the GPU maker's board partners. But if you will go to EVGA's website they already priced their own 12GB RTX 3080 at USD 1,249 or PHP 63.9K with no taxes and duties included yet. Stay tuned with us as we all wait for the official pricing and availability.

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Source: NVIDIA

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