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Samsung unveils a 512GB DDR5 High-Speed memory module for high-bandwidth workloads

Samsung is at the frontline of the DDR5 memory revolution. It just developed a 512GB DDR5 memory module capable of high-speed computations. Read on!
Samsung unveils a 512GB DDR5 High-Speed memory module for high-bandwidth workloads
Samsung announces 512GB DDR5 high-speed RAM

512GB DDR5 RAM from Samsung for high-intensity work

How much RAM does your PC have? Well, on average, consumer PCs have around 8GB to 16GB DDR4 RAM while enthusiasts normally have up to 32GB high-speed DDR4 RAM. What Samsung is bringing onto the table dwarfs all of that! The company just introduced its high-speed 512GB DDR5 memory module.

Why do you need 512GB of RAM, you ask? Well, it is not for the casual and even enthusiasts PC users out there. The new memory modules are designed for servers with, as Samsung puts it, " the most extreme compute-hungry, high-bandwidth workloads".

The Samsung 512GB DDR5 RAM is capable of running at 7,200 Mbps. This is designed to work with supercomputers, artificial intelligence handlers, and machine learning. It uses the highly-advanced HKMG technology that replaces insulator layers in DRAM structures. This provides high performance while lowering power usage by 13 percent.

In terms of configuration, the 512GB DDR5 RAM stick is made of 8x layers of 16GB DRAM chips interconnected via a 3D structure by TSV technology. Out of the gates, we, as normal PC consumers, should not expect the availability of these modules. This is beyond what one should need even in the most intense workload in the consumer/gamer market could throw in a PC.

What do you guys think?

Via: PCMag

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