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Samsung Semiconductor: The new Exynos chip with RDNA 2 GPU will go official on January 11, 2022

In a tweet, Samsung Semiconductor revealed the official launch date of its upcoming SoC. The chip that is said to be called Exynos 2200 will be unveiled on January 11, 2022.
The company's most powerful chip of the year is coming!

The company's most powerful mobile chip yet is coming!

According to the company, its "#PlaytimeIsOver" with the release of this chipset with a new GPU born from RDNA 2. Based on earlier teasers, this will be the first Exynos chip with support for ray tracing tech, a technique for modeling light transport for use in a wide variety of rendering algorithms for generating digital images for a better overall rendered images with "realistic" reflections, refractions, and shadows.

Early rumored leaked benchmarks of the chip shows that it will be more powerful than the SD888 and it will be on par with the Apple A14 chip.

Rumors also point that it will be fabbed under the 4nm manufacturing tech with 30 percent better performance and 20 percent improved sustained peak performance versus the previous flagship Exynos 2100.

It is also expected to come with HDR and Variable Rate Shading for mobile games.

January 11 is just right before the possible end-of-month announcement of Samsung's next line of high-end smartphones, the alleged Galaxy S22 series.

Source: Samsung

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