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Vanille Velasquez is the Filipina voice actor of VALORANT's Agent Neon!

Riot Games unveiled VALORANT's new Filipino-born agent today and its Filipina voice actor.
Vanille Velasquez is the Filipina voice actor of VALORANT's Agent Neon
Meet VALORANT Agent Neon's voice actor

One of the first and biggest Filipino representations!

Before we get to know the Filipina voice actor, let's meet VALORANT's latest electric agent. Neon has an electrifying ability set and fans had their first detailed look at the new agent in the cinematic trailer VALORANT released in the wee hours of Thursday.

One of the first and biggest Filipino representations at VALORANT!

Neon is a Filipino agent with a sprint ability and can outmaneuver as well as outgun opponents with ease. She can even slide to escape in gunfights as seen in the trailer. 

Our newest Manila-born Agent is sprinting onto the scene with Episode 4: Disruption. Lace up and get ready, VALORANT described Neon in a Facebook post.

VALORANT's 19th agent is expected to be released when Episode 4: Disruption drops later this month.
The Manila-born Agent 19 Neon
The Manila-born Agent 19 Neon

The new agent made Filipinos excited and proud, but did you know that Neon's voice actor is a Filipina? 

Who is Vanille Velasquez?

Vanille Velasquez is Valorant's Neon voice actor. A quick Google and scrolls on her social media pages will tell you that voice acting has been her career over the years. Joining Hero TV's Dubbing Academy in 2016 paved the way for her career in the industry.

She has also played several anime and video game characters before with dubbing in commercial videos. But, this is her first time working with Riot Games and giving voice to Agent 19 Neon.

This has been such a dream come true. I'm kind of at a loss right now. This doesn't feel real. I can't believe I'm really saying this right now, Vanille Velasquez wrote in a Facebook post.

Vanille Velasquez notable projects:

  • Jelly, Ben & Pogo - a series of cartoon shorts on PBS Kids in the United States. She played the titular character "Jelly."
  • Lil Wild - a Singaporean animated series where she played "Kokeko" the fabulous otter.
  • Ikai - a horror game soon to be released on Steam, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch, where she gave voice to the playable character "Naoko."
  • VALORANT Legends: Eternity - an Android and iOS mobile game where she played Gisela, Renee, Diana, Vazquez, and Nancy.
  • Bayani - a Filipino fighting game based on Philippine historical figures as the voice of "Tsora."
  • Genesis - a MOBA available on PS4 and PC as the voice of "Selinda."
  • The Loud House - the Tagalog dub of the hit Nick cartoon as "Lana" and "Lisa."
On her website, Velasquez says she's only standing tiny at 4 feet and 10 inches tall, and now we know what "small but terrible" means. 

Proud Pinoy! Congratulations, VALORANT and Vanille Velasquez!

What do you guys think?

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