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PSA: BDO warns public regarding a circulating fake message via SMS!

BDO Unibank issued a warning via Facebook, reminding its users not to click the fake link from a text message that's going around.
PSA: BDO warns public regarding a circulating fake message via SMS!
Warning from BDO

#BDOAntiScam: Be smarter than a scammer

To recap, in December last year, multiple BDO account holders were targeted by cybercriminals, causing them to lose their hard-earned savings. A month after that, the suspects were arrested by the National Bureau of Investigation. 

The informant revealed how he created a text blast to deceive over 700 customers of BDO Unibank Inc. The suspects were able to get the OTP from the victims then they were able to steal their money by transferring it to a "Mark Nagoyo" account.

BDO seemed to learn from this incident as it releases tips and reminders regarding cybercrime-related activities such as phishing and scams. This time, BDO users must be careful from a circulating text message informing them that their account was blocked. 

The SMS is prompting them to "verify" their account so they can continue using the bank's services. At the end of the message, there's an attached fake link that one must not click.

The company stated that its employees will never ask account holders to "verify" their accounts to continue using their services. Also, it is encouraging others to alert their family and friends regarding this suspicious activity.

There are also tips from BDO's official website to find out if the email address is legit or not. The first thing is double-checking the text messages and emails you receive and making sure these are from official BDO senders.

Scammers will do all sorts of things to get you to share personal information. They will send text messages or emails with links to fake websites, call and pretend to be bank officers, or offer fake rewards and prizes.

For account-related inquiries and concerns, you may call the BDO Contact Center at (02) 8631-8000.

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Source: BDO

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