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EPSON launches the TM-m30II POS Receipt Printer in the Philippines!

EPSON TM-m30II POS Receipt Printer officially launches in the Philippines. It is a compact printer designed for Point-of-Sale setups.
EPSON TM-m30II compact receipt printer now in the Philippines

EPSON TM-m30II POS Receipt Printer now in the Philippines

The new EPSON TM-m30II POS compact thermal receipt printer features a sleek design to provide a fuss-free tablet POS setup in Ultra White and Black colors.

For a more user-friendly experience and increased productivity and efficiency, it allows for additional configuration and connectivity options too.

The EPSON TM-m30II offers a high print speed of up to 250 mm/sec and a longer printer mechanism, printhead, and cutter durability. This makes it ideal for busy retail and hospitality situations. These features make it more efficient and reliable even during busy times. The 180-degree rotation, front paper loading setting, small top margin, and uncut center function of the TM-m30II also make it possible to read kitchen order slips without tearing them off the paper.

Businesses can print faster while decreasing their paper usage by up to 49 percent due to its unique paper-saving technology and a character height reduction function. Users can also print different languages on a single ticket without having to alter printing settings or switch printers since it has Unicode support.

The EPSON TM-m30II is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. It also supports the ePOS software development kit. This makes it simple for system integrators to connect the printer to any POS system. It also has Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, and USB connectivity.

The EPSON TM-m30II also offers a cloud option that allows users to print receipts and order slips straight from the server, as well as extract data from the server without having to use the EPSON Server Direct Print feature.

In addition, the 1.3 kg, 3-inch receipt printer has several USB-A ports for POS peripherals like scanners, cash drawers, kitchen buzzers, and so on, allowing it to accomplish more for the business than ever before.

The company didn't reveal the official pricing of the product, but you can check it out in the EPSON Authorized Dealer stores. 

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