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nubia unveiled Red Magic 7, 7 Pro with under-display camera and "serious" cooling features

nubia unveiled yesterday the Red Magic 7 Series as its latest flagship smartphone and are equipped with top-notch features. 
nubia unveiled Red Magic 7, 7 Pro with under-display camera and "serious" cooling features
Red Magic 7 series design and colors

Red Magic 7 series unveiled!

As expected both devices radiate a gaming vibe on their designs with Dark Knight, Cyber Neon, and Deuterium Transparent Edition colorways. 
The under-display camera brings full screen!
The under-display camera brings full screen!

But the main highlight comes from the "Pro model" which is the first in the gaming series to feature the under-display camera technology. 

This breakthrough feature has a tripod-shaped pixel arrangement and wave-shaped electrode wiring. It also has seven layers of high-transparency materials, as well as a built-in UDC Pro screen display chip. This allows the device to offer a full-screen display making it ideal for gaming.

The Pro variant's display features a 6.8-inch FHD+ AMOLED panel with 120Hz refresh rate, 960Hz touch sampling rate, 10bit color depth, and 100 percent DCI-P3 color gamut, and up to 600 nits brightness, DC dimming.
The Pro version's features
The Pro version's features

At the helm, it is equipped with a flagship  4nm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 octa-core processor with next-gen Adreno GPU.

For the memory configurations, it depends on its color variations. But it has up to 18GB LPDDR5 RAM and up to 1 TB UFS 3.1 internal memory.

Meanwhile, the vanilla Red Magic 7 also has a 6.8-inch FHD+ AMOLED screen but has a higher 165Hz refresh rate and lower 720Hz touch sampling rate. It also has 10-bit color depth, 100 percent DCI-P3 color gamut, and up to 700 nits brightness, DC dimming.
Red Magic 7 features
Red Magic 7 features

Like its sibling, it also carries the flagship 4nm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 octa-core processor with the next generation of Adreno GPU.

Its memory configuration also depends on its color variations. This time, it has up to 12GB LPDDR5 RAM and up to UFS 3.1 512GB of internal storage.

The LPDDR5 RAM of these bad boys is no joke either as it has a speed of 6400Mbps/51.2GB transfer rate. Which means it is definitely fast.

As for the battery, the vanilla model has a 4,500mAh capacity with 120W fast charging, while the Pro variant has a 5,000mAh battery with a faster 135W fast charging.

Moving to the camera department, both handsets are similar with 64MP as the main sensor, 8MP or ultrawide, and 2MP for the macro lens. The difference will be 8MP for the Red Magic 7 and 16MP for the Pro version.

Other features are improved shoulder triggers with a 500Hz touch sampling rate and 7.2ms response speed for both devices. Moreover, the triggers also use five-channel high-performance custom IC for smoother operations. It also has a custom feature where players can custom it according to their multiple complex actions. Lastly, the triggers are also designed as anti-sweat and ergonomic for the comfort of its users.
Serious cooling features
Serious cooling features

Another highlight would be the Red Magic's iconic cooling system. Of course, the company claims it is also enhanced. This time it has a nine-layer cooling structure in which the VC cooling plate covers a significantly larger area. nubia also copied some notes to the Lenovo Legion phone and included a built-in RGB cooling fan at 20,000 RPM with a core heat-source lower than 3 degrees Celsius.

In comparison to prior Red Magic devices, the brand says the canyon air duct for the phones includes a second air inlet, which helps to enhance airflow by 35%. The metal canyon air duct has a newly added 45-degree angle aperture on the back that creates two air inlets, resulting in a temperature reduction of 2.4-degree C.

The built-in quiet turbofan is powered by an energy-efficient brushless motor that runs at only 28 dB. nubia says the turbofan helps to cool the CPU's core temperature by 16 degrees Celsius, ensuring that the core performance is consistent and stable. The ICE 8.0 also features a new back cover opening, a new thermally conductive gel containing rare earth materials, a Vapor Chamber (VC), a center frame, and a graphite sheet, all of which contribute to improving heat dissipation so that peak performance may be maintained while playing.
Optional RGB cooling fans
Optional RGB cooling fans

If that's not enough you can also attach the optional heat-dissipating RGB cooler that delivers up to 17 percent lower temperature.

For connectivity, both have WiFi 6E, 5G, 4G, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, GPS USB-C, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

The smartphones will run Android with Red Magic OS 5.0 skin out of the box.

China price with direct to PHP conversions (no tax and duties yet):

Red Magic 7

Dark Knight 8GB/128GB - CNY 3,899 (around PHP 31.7K)
Dark Knight or Cyber Neon 12GB/128GB - CNY 4,399 (around PHP 35.7K)
Dark Knight or Cyber Neon 12GB/256GB - CNY 4,799 (around PHP 38.9K)
Transparent Edition 12GB/256GB - CNY 4,899 (around PHP 39.8K)
Transparent Edition 12GB/512GB - CNY 5,499 (around PHP 44.7K)

Red Magic 7 Pro

Dark Knight 12GB/128GB - CNY 4,799 (around PHP 38.9K)
Dark Knight 12GB/256GB - CNY 5,199 (around PHP 42.5K)
Dark Knight 16GB/256GB - CNY 5,599 (around PHP 45.5K)
Cyber Neon 12GB/256GB - CNY 5,199 (around PHP 42.2K)
Transparent Edition 12GB/256GB - CNY 5,299 (around PHP 43K)
Transparent Edition 16GB/256GB - CNY 5,699 (around PHP 46.3K)
Transparent Edition 18GB/512GB - CNY 6,499 (around PHP 52.8K)
Transparent Edition 18GB/1TB - CNY 7,499 (around 61K)

Both handsets' preorder has already started but the official sale will be available in China starting February 21, 2022. There's no word yet for its availability here in the Philippines. In the meantime stay tuned with us as we will update you once there's an announcement.

Source: Red Magic

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