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#ICYMI: Here are the changes we can expect from the upcoming Apple iOS 15.4!

The fourth and final version of the iOS 15 is said to be rolled out by next week through an update.
ICYMI: Here are the changes we can expect from the upcoming Apple iOS 15.4!
File photo: iOS 15.4 comes preloaded with the new iPhone SE

What's new with iOS 15.4?

As the name suggests, the iOS 15.4 is the fourth major update to iOS 15 and it was released in iPhone 13 in September. Allegedly, the updates have added more features to Apple's iPhone operating system and improved existing ones.

For example, the iOS 15.3.1, which was released last month was rolled out to fix a security vulnerability in iPhones and iPads. 

The iOS 15.4 has seen five beta versions in which it showcased AirTag anti-stalking alerts, a gender-neutral voice option for Siri, new emoji, updates to Face ID, and the Universal Control. 

To recall, the Universal Control lets you use other devices as second screens, moving content seamlessly between them using only one device. This much-awaited feature was initially announced as part of macOS Monterey but the launch got delayed. 

A source said that will be out as a public beta alongside the Monterey OS 12.3 and iPadOS 15.4 updates.

Meanwhile, Apple is also introducing an update for its Face ID feature, making its iPhones more user-friendly while wearing masks. 

Since the feature uses a smaller portion of the face to verify the user's identity, there's a need to be more precise about the angle in holding the phone and using Face ID. 

Reportedly, the iPhone will even prompt if it needs the user to look more directly at the screen. Apple noted that the updated feature should work for people who wear glasses, but it won't work with sunglasses.

We previously reported that new emojis, including finger heart, will arrive as part of the iOS 15.4 beta. There are 37 new emoji and 75 skin tone additions in Emoji 14, resulting in a total of 112 characters.

The iOS 15.4 beta includes seven brand new smiley emojis: Melting Face, Face with Open Eyes and Hand Over Mouth, Face with Peeking Eye, Saluting Face, Dotted Line Face, Face with Diagonal Mouth, Face Holding Back Tears.

For hand gestures, the beta update features 7 new hand gestures emojis and each of them supports skin tone modifiers.

The Cupertino giant has not announced yet an exact release date for iOS 15.4, but it said that the update would be out by next week. Apple noted that the OS 15.4 will come preloaded with the new green iPhone 13, the alpine green iPhone 13 Pro, and the new iPhone SE.

Let's wait for further announcements, shall we?

Source: CNET
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