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Bandai Namco to invest USD 130M on Gundam Metaverse Project

Renowned game developer Bandai Namco is investing huge money in its iconic "Mobile Suit Gundam" franchise and plans to create Metaverse around it.
Bandai Namco to invest USD 130M on Gundam Metaverse Project
Gundam Metaverse

Bandai will join the Metaverse

The Gundam Metaverse will consolidate games, videos, live music, and other Gundam-related stuff into a single virtual universe. This also involves physical stores like the gaming arcades and their infamous "Gunpla" plastic model stores.

Based on Nikkei Asia's report, the game publisher intends to invest USD 130 million. This project also aims to establish communities among the fans of the Gundam franchise.

The Gundam Metaverse will be a mechanism for us to be more deeply connected with fans, and it will become possible to connect intellectual property-specific metaverses in the future" said Bandai Namco President Masaru Kawaguchi

The BNE or Bandai Namco Entertainment is the one in charge of the company's digital operations and they will be the one to take the lead for the said multi-million dollar project.

More businesses now are joining the Metaverse trend, even Facebook rebranded itself as Meta in order to highlight their new focus towards the virtual network.

Meanwhile, Microsoft also wants to enter the same trend as well when they announced the effort in buying Activision Blizzard. This may likely suggest that the industry giants are seeing the "Metaverse" as the possible shift towards the current internet as users will be able to interact, work, play, and shop all within the interconnected virtual reality world.

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