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Converge ICT releases statement over app data breach

Converge ICT faced a data breach through its GoFiber app recently. In a statement, the company assures that it respects customer data privacy.
Converge ICT releases statement over app data breach
Converge ICT statement about data breach released

Converge ICT: "We respect the privacy of customer personal information"

Converge ICT releases statement about potential effects of its GoFiber app data breach
Here is the statement in full

According to Converge's Data Protection Officer, the company respects the privacy of its customers' personal information and its protections. It also respects their right as its data subjects.

Recently, the GoFiber app was faced with a data breach that involves customers' personal information. The attack was done by "unauthorized third parties" who attempted to view certain account details of other subscribers. Upon investigation, Converge said that this was an isolated incident that affection a small portion of its database. The attack was also said to be limited to viewing and there is no evidence to say that any information was misused.

When the attack came to light, Converge immediately did security improvement which circumvented any potential additional attempts. Therefore, Converge ICT wants to assure users that the GoFiber app is now more secure. The company also notified the National Privacy Commission and the affected customers in compliance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

Converge ICT also extended its sincere apologies about the matter. In addition, the company reminds users to never provide personal and sensitive information claiming to be Converge's personnel. OTPs and passwords must never be shared as well as any other login details.

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Source: Converge
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