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DITO Telecommunity hits 7M subscribers

A year after it commercially launched in the market, DITO Telecommunity has now seven million mobile subscribers.
DITO Telecommunity hits 7M subscribers
DITO officials announce the third telco player hits 7M subscribers

More Filipinos try DITO's mobile services

Adel Tamano, chief administrative officer of DITO Telecommunity, announced this milestone earlier on Tuesday. The group marked its first year of operations last March 8.

We are pleased to inform our countrymen that DITO has hit another milestone in our journey. As of March 14, close to a week after our first anniversary, we have hit 7-million active subscribers. We wish to express our gratitude to all those who have placed their trust in DITO and assure everyone of our continued efforts to provide world-class connectivity to Filipinos wherever they may be, Tamano said.

Aside from this, the third telco player has launched next-gen features DITO Auto Pay and DITO Advance Pay to level-up the subscriber experience.

The launch of new "breakthrough" features DITO Auto Pay and DITO Advance Pay represent DITO’s latest innovations as it enters its second year of operations, the company said.

According to the group, the new DITO Advance Pay feature allows subscribers to receive and pay for their promo package 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months in advance, giving full control of their promo spending and usage for several months at a time.

By tapping the new feature, subscribers can save as much as PHP 4,795. Users can also enjoy up to 1,560GB of data for only PHP 4.61 per GB.

With the DITO Auto Pay feature, on the other hand, subscribers can automatically renew and pay for their chosen package every month without worry. Subscribers will receive notification if their package is about to expire.

Those who will use DITO Auto Pay, DITO said they will receive up to 10GB of bonus data every month.

More than ever, Filipinos are relying on online connections as an essential part of their lives, especially in these extraordinary times. DITO is aware of this need and is committed to making our products simple, hassle-free, and offering the best value for everyone, anytime, said DITO Chief Commercial Officer Evelyn Jimenez.

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