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Google intro's new Android features for messaging, entertainment and more!

The upcoming updates from Google include messaging, a powerful photo editing tool, and even smarter ways to pay for parking.
Google intro's new Android features for messaging, entertainment and more!
 New Android features this 2022

Android users can enjoy new Google apps and upgraded features

The search giant has come up with an array of updates to the existing apps that aims to bring more helpful technology to its users. 

In terms of messaging, Android users will be able to view the emoji from iPhone users on text messages. Aside from that, they can watch videos in the same resolution when they were sent as Google Photos links. Soon, it will be the same way with photos.

The third update in messages in the new birthday reminders, making sure that users will remember the special day of their contacts. Google also enables the automatic sorting of messages into separate tabs for a more organized inbox. It will also allow an automated deletion of clutter when they enter an OTP.

Aside from these changes, Google will also bring grammar correction to improve the sentence you are typing. Basically, it will detect grammatical errors and offer suggestions. Gboard will also have an Emoji Kitchen with more than 2,000 new emoji mashups available as stickers.
Add a bokeh effect even post-snap
Add a bokeh effect even post-snap

Android users will be able to use Portrait Blur in their subjects, even if the images are captured years ago. According to the tech giant, it will soon arrive on the Photos app.

Meanwhile, the new Highlights tab on Google TV will showcase a personalized feed of entertainment news, reviews.  If you find something new that you're interested in, you can just tap it to play or add it to the watchlist for later.

The next is designed for parking payment using Google Assistant. Allegedly, this will help you pay for parking, check your parking status, and extend your parking using just your voice. 

For example, you can say "Hey Google, pay for parking" once you've parked. This will prompt the  Assistant to settle the payment from your phone. Note that this is going to be available in ParkMobile street parking zones in over 400 cities in the US in the meantime.

Lastly, the Nearby Share will allow users to share photos, videos, documents, links, audio files, or entire folders between nearby devices. This will enable them to share with multiple devices rather than just one person at a time. Google is now rolling out now on all Android 6 and above devices.

Note that there are more features mentioned in the blogpost so these are just the highlights.

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