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LOCAD partners with PhoenixLab to bring gaming/work setups to consumers

PhoenixLab tapped the LOCAD logistics team to help bring gaming-ready workstation items to Filipino customers. Read on for more information!
PhoenixLab team up with LOCAD to bring gaming/work setups to consumers
PhoenixLab announces partnership with LOCAD

PhoenixLab X LOCAD for a more efficient customer delivery system!

IT experts, gamers, online store proprietors, and students are among PhoenixLab's clients. The company is convinced that its high-quality laptop accessories, desk organizers, and gaming seats will keep these customers interested and loyal. With LOCAD in his corner,  he now has an answer for the general skepticism about internet buying among Filipinos.

PhoenixLab's operations are now efficient thanks to LOCAD's addition to the team. PhoenixLab struggled to provide products and services to its clients prior to LOCAD due to fulfillment issues. On top of monitoring and arranging the orders correctly before sending them out, the company had to find techniques to cope with scheduled pick-ups not arriving on time or at all in their warehouse.

LOCAD proves to be a reliable logistics service for upcoming companies like PhoenixLab. According to LOCAD's 2022 e-commerce trend analysis, aspiring e-commerce firms now have a better chance of gaining new clients if they can deliver ease and a more smooth user experience. While this creates a unique challenge for online firms to up their game in order to prevent their loyal consumers from transferring, those that are satisfied and ultimately retained spend 1.2 times more.

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