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5 reasons Redmi Note 11 is the king of entertainment in its class!

Xiaomi's newly announced Redmi Note 11 is one of the must-check smartphones of the season for us. Why? It is due to its great design and balanced overall specs for the price.
Gorgeous AMOLED display

AND, based on our own actual experience, we think that this handset is the king of entertainment at this price point.

So, if you are looking for a new smartphone that could be great in that regard, read on...

5 reasons Redmi Note 11 is the king of entertainment in its class

Large yet handy display
Large yet handy display

1. Large yet handy AMOLED screen with high-refresh-rate
- The Redmi Note 11 is boasting a large enough 6.43-inch display with a top-center punch-hole. 6.43-inch for me is not too small or too large, just right.

Also, this is not your average display on a sub-PHP 10K phone. This device is using an AMOLED panel with a 90Hz refresh rate, 180Hz touch sampling rate, and 1080p+ resolution.

This is rare for an affordable smartphone as most on the same price only either have an LCD panel or a lower-end type of AMOLED with 720p resolution only.
It produces great image quality
It produces great image quality

The result is it has punchy yet close to accurate colors that are great for watching plenty of content on YouTube, Netflix, iQIYI, and many more, among others. It can also go quite bright making its panel viewable even under direct sunlight. Flickers are minimal as well.

In particular, Xiaomi said that this has a DCI-P3 wide color gamut, 4,500,00:1 contrast ratio, and 1000 nits peak brightness.

Also, since it has a high 90Hz refresh rate, we were able to enjoy smoother animations and transitions for opening and closing apps, scrolling through the UI or feed of a social media account and even making supported games feel like they have less lag.

To conserve power, the company also implemented the AdaptiveSync tech on this display where it switches to 60Hz and 90Hz automatically. This means that the 90Hz refresh rate will only be used on supported apps and tasks.

This device also has a very slim top and side bezels which makes it pretty immersive for an affordable smartphone.

To protect your eyes when using the device in low light, the company even implemented the Reading mode 3.0 tech that lessens eye strain.
Stereo speakers and a headphone jack? Why not?
Stereo speakers and a headphone jack? Why not?

2. Loud, crisp stereo speakers - The Redmi Note 11 is also one of the few with stereo speakers for the price. AND, unlike other budget phones with stereo speakers that are just loud, this one sounds quite good. It simply has one of the fullest sounding speakers at this price point.

In particular, we enjoyed the wide soundstage it produced along with the reasonably tight and fast bass with a little sub-bass (that's rare on smartphones regardless of price). Even at max loudness, distortion is also not that bad. Vocals are generally clear and respectably separated from the instruments.

Its stereo speakers are a GREAT pair to its pretty good display. 

3. Hi-Res Audio - If you are the type of person that is into private listening, this even has a 3.5mm headphone slot that you can use to connect your favorite wired earphones or small headphones.

We enjoyed that it was able to drive our multi-driver in-ear monitor without the need of going all the way up to 80 percent. 60 to 70 percent of loudness is enough.

Since it has Hi-Res Audio certification, the audio output is more than pleasant for a budget smartphone. Using our high-quality buds, it is generally crisp with full sound, deep bass response, and proper separation of details. The signature is warm and rich.

For us, very few can compete with this audio quality at this price point.

Note: For wireless audio listening, this has Bluetooth 5.0 tech that supports the SBC codec.
Strong battery life!
Strong battery life!

4. Power-efficient chip and big battery capacity - To let its users enjoy entertainment and overall phone use for hours and hours, Xiaomi equipped the Redmi Note 11 with a power-efficient 6nm Snapdragon 680 processor and a large 5,000mAh battery with USB-C 33W fast charging.

Using the abusive PC Mark Work 3.0 battery life test, the device clocked 23 hours and 37 minutes. That's very impressive!
Affordable price tag!
Affordable price tag!

5. The killer price - Devices with AMOLED screens, stereo speakers, and Hi-Res Audio certifications are often found on more expensive phones. The Redmi Note 11? The starting price is just PHP 8,999 for the 4GB RAM/64GB storage version and PHP 9,999 for the 6GB RAM/128GB variant.

Quick thoughts

The above-mentioned are the reasons why we think that the Redmi Note 11 is the king of portable entertainment in its class.

In fact, the Redmi Note 11 was able to deliver a premium mid-range-level multimedia and entertainment experience without the need of emptying your wallets.

So, if you have a tight budget but you love to Netflix and chill, enjoy TikTok clips, or watch + listen to your favorite artists on different platforms, the Redmi Note 11 might be the one for you.

Oh, by the way, apart from being a great smartphone for entertainment, it also has good overall specs as an all-around smartphone for the price.

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