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Twitter works with COMELEC to promote healthy conversations during the 2022 election

Twitter is announcing its partnership with COMELEC to safeguard election-related discussions.
Twitter works with COMELEC to promote healthy conversations during the 2022 election
A special emoji featuring a ballot box and the Philippine flag

Encouraging healthy civic debate among voters and netizens

Twitter recognizes that a lot of netizens search for credible information about the elections, trying to know more about candidates and their platforms. Some also engage in healthy civic debate and conversation.

In light of this, the platform collaborates with the Commission on Elections (@COMELEC). It aims to emphasize the need to protect the integrity of election-centric conversations. Director of Education and Information Department James Jimenez added,

With a record-breaking 65.7 million registered voters, the Philippines is expected to hold one of the largest elections in Asia. During this most important time for us as a nation; collaboration between governments, industry partners and civic organisations is crucial to protect the integrity of the elections. We are pleased to be partnering with Twitter to fight misinformation and encourage voter participation.

Aside from the partnership, Twitter also rolled out a series of customized emojis that also function as important links. These links will help users to easily discover conversations related to the local election.

From March 16, hashtags #PilipinasDebates2022 and #AskPilipinasDebates will activate an emoji inspired by the microphone used during debates and the Philippine flag.

Meanwhile, Twitter is releasing a special emoji that features a ballot box, a universal symbol for elections, set in front of the Philippine flag from March 31. It allegedly represents the united hope of Filipinos for clean and safe elections.

Users can activate the said emoji by typing the hashtags #NLE2022, #2022NLE, #BumotoKa, #Halalan2022, #Piniliay2022, #HIJAlalan2022, #PHVote, #PHVoteResults, and #WeDecide.

Lastly, an emoji featuring the silhouette of a female, who represents Inang Bayan or the Motherland will appear once you use the hashtag #VoteSafePilipinas in your post. The emojis will run throughout the campaign period and will be available until 27 May.

In addition to this, the company noted that online search prompts will be available to facilitate access to authoritative sources of information on voting in both Filipino and English languages.

When searching for keywords associated with the Philippine General Election such as "NLE 2022", "Vote Philippines" and "General Election", the result will show a notification at the top. This notification may direct to the latest credible election information from COMELEC or VoteSAFEPilipinas.

Twitter also strengthens its stand against manipulating or interfering in elections. This includes labeling misleading Tweets to provide additional context, and to help reduce the visibility of misleading information.

The platform also said that it may delete accounts or content that falsely misrepresent affiliation to a candidate, elected official, political party, electoral authority, or government entity.

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