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Riot Games invites Ylona Garcia to perform during the VCT APAC 2022 playoffs

As 8 teams come out on top during the VCT APAC Challengers playoffs, the Finals Knockouts will take place along with an Ylona Garcia performance.
Riot Games invites Ylona Garcia to perform during the VCT APAC 2022 playoffs
Ylona Garcia will have an exclusive performance during VCT APAC 2022 Playoffs

Ylona Garcia to grace the stage during the VALORANT VCT APAC 2022 Playoffs!

Teams will compete for a USD 150,000 prize fund and the opportunity to represent APAC in VCT's first global tournament of the year, Masters 1 Iceland, in April. Ylona Garcia will collaborate with VALORANT for a special performance on the final day of the competition on Sunday to commemorate the regional VCT APAC Playoffs tournament.

"Entertain Me," the theme song for Neon, VALORANT's first Filipino Agent, was written by Ylona Garcia, a Filipino-Australian singer, and songwriter.

The advent of Neon was a cultural watershed moment for VALORANT across the world, particularly in Southeast Asia, where Neon has been warmly received by local populations. Since its first release earlier this year, Neon's Agent trailer has received almost 8 million views.

Aside from Ylona's performance at the VCT APAC Playoffs Finals, a small number of lucky VALORANT esports fans will get the chance to meet her in a virtual backstage AMA session. Fans can register to join via the Tier One Facebook page and Twitter pages.

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