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Virtual Squad shares how it recruits and mentor aspiring virtual assistants in the PH

Virtual Squad LLC manages virtual assistants for various fields and industries, with an emphasis on real estate.
Virtual Squad shares how it recruits and mentor aspiring virtual assistants in the PH
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What is Virtual Squad and how it did begin?

Virtual Squad LLC was established only a year ago, with only 7 trainees. But now, it grew to more than 300 employees all over the country and 100 e-commerce stores. It has been providing service to over 200 real estate clients worldwide.

As of June 2021, two stores now currently hold 5,000 percent expansion in Amazon and Walmart in a span of 8 months. In addition to this. they also expanded on Shopify by 500 percent in 3 months.

However, note that Virtual Squad is also an online BPO as it offers business solutions. As of writing, it has 2 lines of business. 

First is real estate, where they vet, mentor, and manage virtual assistants for real estate investors. The second category is e-commerce, in which they are partners and co-owners of Amazon, Walmart, and Shopify online stores. The company provides full automation and manages the stores for its partners.
As the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of the Virtual Squad, Kai Karen Santos was a former client-relations manager in an American company. Allegedly, her experience in handling difficult projects made her realize that she can run her own virtual assistance company. 

After that, Santos worked as a cold-caller for a real-estate company. She said that she was determined to learn the skills in preparation for starting her own business. 

I had the tools and the skills to actually open a company. That was when I met my current business partner Quentin Flores. I knew that I could manage the virtual assistance here but I needed someone in the US—a business partner to help me build the clientele.

After that, Santos and Flores combined their knowledge, strong network, and impressive management skills and build the Virtual Squad. In October 2020, the first set of virtual assistants was partnered and matched with the first five clients.

The consummate virtual company aims to deliver excellent service to client partners all around the world. For this year, it has a goal related to major business expansions, more career opportunities, and above all, giving back to the community.

To learn more about Virtual Squad, you may check its official website

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