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BIR requires citizens filing "no payment income tax return" to submit papers online

The Bureau of Internal Revenue announced that individuals who would be filing "no payment income tax returns" should use the eBIRForms facility.
BIR requires citizens filing "no payment income tax return" to submit papers online
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Dulay reminds us that the deadline for filing ITR is nearing

According to BIR Commissioner Caesar R. Dulay, not doing this will mean be the penalty for wrong venue filing pursuant to Section 248 of the Tax Code. However, the chief noted that there are few exemptions from this requirement.

Senior citizens and PWDs may send manual returns to the revenue district office in photocopied or computer-generated ITR forms in legal size bond paper. Aside from them, taxpayers who are getting their income from two or more employers are also allowed to file manually. 

The bureau also permits those who are qualified for a substituted filing system for loan purposes, scholarships, and travel abroad to do the same. If you haven't filed your ITR for 2021 yet, the deadline for filing is April 18, 2022.

Since last year, the BIR has been pushing its electronic filing and payment system in tax collection amid the threat of COVID-19 that severely limits the movement of both revenuers and taxpayers. 

Dulay reported that a number of taxpayers were able to settle their financial obligations to the government in the comfort of their homes and offices.

The Bureau of Internal Revenue has even worked with the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) and MyEG for a payment service that allows taxpayers to pay their tax dues online.

Currently, the BIR Philippine taxes that can be paid via MyEG includes Withholding Tax, Value-Added Tax, Percentage Tax, Documentary Stamp Tax, Fringe Benefit Tax, and Corporate Income Tax, among others.

MyEG announced that BIR is expanding its available payment channels in time. The agency plans to include channels for the renewal of permits, licenses, and several registration fees this year.

You may access eBIR forms by clicking here.

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