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Drilon: Vetoed SIM registration bill "big win" for trolls

Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon said the recent decision of President Rodrigo Duterte to reject the proposed SIM card registration bill is "a big win" for trolls.
Drilon: Vetoed SIM registration bill "big win" for trolls
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Drilon "congratulates" trolls

In a statement, Drilon "congratulated" troll farm operators, online bullies, and fake news spreaders as Duterte vetoed the bill seeking to require the registration of all SIM cards and social media accounts.

By vetoing this bill, the President lets trolls thrive, spread lies and hate, and fuel discord and division, Drilon said.

Pushing for the proposed law was necessary as political trolling has become "a thriving business", he continued.

With the recent development, the veto "protect[s] trolls", claiming it is Duterte's "parting gift" before he ends his term by mid-2022. He also stressed that the veto is a big blow to the growing fight against trolls and fake news.

To say that I am disappointed by the President’s veto is an understatement. I authored this particular provision of the measure in order to address the anonymity on the internet and the social media that allowed an environment for troll accounts and fake news, Drilon said.

The measure has a provision that would mandate social media platforms to require "real-name and phone number upon creation of account" as part of efforts to defeat trolls online.

The lawmaker added that concerns raised on potential data privacy breaches were "unfounded" as the bill provides for the confidentiality clause which mandates that "any information obtained in the registration process described under this Act cannot be disclosed to any person."

There were enough safeguards. Unfortunately, the veto is nothing but to protect troll operators and troll armies, some of them are in Malacanang, Drilon said

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