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Robinsons Bank warns its customers NOT to click links from a text scam!

Robinsons Banks is apparently facing a security breach issue and it's still conducting an investigation over the matter.
Robinsons Bank warns its customers NOT to click links from a text scam!
Robinsons Bank alerts its online banking customers against a phishing incident

A phishing problem among RBank customers?

A lot of Filipinos now rely on online banking to meet their banking needs from the safety and convenience of their homes. With this technology, everyone can transfer funds, pay bills, and shop online with just a few taps.

Even though most financial institutions have good security, no system is foolproof. Valuable information is always prone to hacks, and there are some who became victims of these cybercrimes. 

Today, the official Facebook account of Robinsons Bank posted an alert to its online banking customers. The caption reads,

If you receive a message advisory claiming to be from RBANK with a link to update your account, DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. This is a SCAM. Robinsons Bank no longer sends links to keep your account secure.

This warning is related to a lot of posts from RBANK customers, claiming that they received an "advisory" via SMS. There are some who were skeptical and thankfully ignored the text message. 

Unfortunately, there were customers of the said bank who clicked and log in with their username and password. Some even commented on the post that their savings account were drained to zero in a matter of minutes of doing that.

Many netizens wondered how the scammer was able to use the bank's official or special number to deceive numerous customers.

Robinsons Bank replied and apologized to their customers for the ongoing confusion. The company is asking for full cooperation as it conducts a further investigation on the issue.

RBank also guarantees that they are already addressing the problem.

This incident is not the first time that cybercriminals targeted multiple banking accounts. If you can recall, there was a serious hacking incident that stole thousands of pesos from BDO Online users.

We highly encourage everyone to stay vigilant and never click suspicious links online or from text messages. 

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