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Voucher stacking is not allowed on Shopee anymore!

Shopee users can no longer use free shipping vouchers and cashback/discount coupons simultaneously.
Voucher stacking is not allowed on Shopee anymore!
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Some users found this new limitation annoying and irksome

This might be bad news for Shopee users who enjoy stacking up vouchers whenever they check out their orders. As you'll notice on the checkout screen of your Shopee app, the free shipping voucher is now included in the options, along with cashback or discount coupons.

This means you can only choose to waive your shipping fee or apply the discount or cashback for coins. Shopee hasn't released any announcement yet regarding this change in their voucher protocol. 

However, we spotted that the company's FAQs page has been revised to reflect the modification. According to the Shopee's FAQs, the number of vouchers in a single checkout is now limited to two types (down from three): one platform voucher and one shop-specific voucher. 

Apparently, free shipping vouchers and discount/coin cashback vouchers are now lumped together in the platform voucher type, which means they can no longer be used at the same time. 

Under the list of regulations that there is no limit to the number of vouchers saved in My Vouchers in a user account.

Before, the free shipping voucher is categorized as a separate voucher type, which still applies to Shopee users in Malaysia.

Because of this unannounced change, there were some users who aired their frustration on social media. A lot of users had posted negative feedback and sentiments regarding the app on the Play Store.

Aside from that, a netizen posted on a popular Facebook group called The Budol Group or TBG her discovery related to this voucher stacking limit.
A screenshot of a TBG member who posted her concern on Facebook
A screenshot of a TBG member who posted her concern on Facebook

Personally, I also experienced the same thing over this matter in my most recent Shopee online shopping. Of course, it would be much better if the company informed me to avoid confusion.

It seems that the limited voucher usage is the most common cause of complaints in recent negative reviews. In addition, there's also the occasional mention of bad shopping experiences and user interface issues.

What do you guys think?

Source: Shopee 

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