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Xiaomi releases statement about alleged performance throttling in its devices

After Geekbench reported that Xiaomi is allegedly throttling performance on certain apps, the latter released a statement explaining its side.
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Xiaomi: It is a temperature control strategy not throttling

Previously, a report from Geekbench and Android Police stated that allegedly Xiaomi, just like Samsung, seems to be throttling performance on some apps and boosting it for others. Why is this a big deal? Well, if true, then the smartphones in question provide more performance for benchmark apps such as Geekbench while providing lower performance on games and apps. It could be a way of data manipulation to provide better results during benchmarks.

But, Xiaomi released a statement explaining what it is happening during those tests. Xiaomi said that it applies "temperature control strategies" to ensure an optimal product experience at all times. This is touted to be important by the company to make sure that its smartphones can provide the best performance possible even during extended periods of time.

In addition, Xiaomi says that the user can choose between 3 performance modes with each setting providing different settings of balance between performance and power efficiency. At the system level, all application performance improvements consider a number of important parameters, including power consumption, performance, and thermal effect.

In short, Xiaomi is saying that they are not throttling or boosting their devices' performance during games or benchmarks. This makes sense too. A Geekbench benchmark can be done in minutes while gaming can last for hours. Providing more performance for a short-time task is possible without hampering thermal or power management while providing more performance at an extended period of time will eventually cause issues in temperature and power draw.

What do you guys think?

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