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BTK defeats Sibol Lineup in the RMC showmatch

American team BloodThirstyKings stuns PH's gold medalist Sibol 3-2 score in the realme Mobile Legends Cup featured showmatch.
BTK defeats Sibol Lineup in the RMC showmatch
BloodThirstyKings wins against Sibol

BTK ends RMC exhibition game with a win!

To recall BTK's team captain Michael Cosgun "MobaZane" challenged the strongest team in Southeast Asia in one of his live streams. Sibol team granted the request of the American pro player and said they will be waiting for them right after the grand finals of the RMC Season 6 amateur tournament that took place in SMX convention center.

Moving into the members of each side, the PH lineup looked formidable but not the prime members as the VeeWise duo won't be playing. Still, though they have Imam, Soriano the M3 MVP, Sotto, Gonzales, and Usi playing.

For BTK side, they have MobaZane, FywdChickn, Shark, and two Filipino members in the name of ZIA and Ichiji, the 6th-Man of an amateur team that stood out the entire show match.

The first game was a thrilling match, both teams traded objectives and kill, however, Imam and Usi from the Philippines defended their base properly and manage to kill 3 members on the side of BTK which eventually let them march the middle lane and seal the game 1.

The next match favored BTK, this is due to their EXP laner Ichiji that had multiple outplays over the 3-4 members of Sibol. The space he provided led his other teammates to secure the majority of the objectives such as towers, turtle, and lord. With this, the American team snowballed properly making them unstoppable in this match and tying the series to 1-1.

The national team bounced back in game 3 with a commanding score of 20-2. PH representatives were able to repeatedly shut down their nemesis' tank through their "Barats" and "Uranus" picks. Which made it harder for BTK to go into the backlines of their foe. They just simply didn't have an answer in this part. The series is now 2-1 in favor of the Philippines.

As for game 4, BTK had something up with their sleeves. They had surprise picks of the newly buffed hero "Thamuz" and a newly released hero with plenty of strong skills "Julian" who was placed on the mid lane. These two picks were almost untouchable with plenty of sustain and healing shutting the Blacklist's signature hero "Estes". They were able to end the game with a score of 19-5 and tie the series again to 2-2.

For the final match, the American team knew that Sibol was relying too much on the late game scaling picks, that's why they chose heroes with high burst potential even at the early stages such as Grock, Lunox, Brody, Uranus, and Balmond. The team knew they must end that game as quick as possible so they played aggressively and ended the match in under 11 minutes only. 
MobaZane, Shark and Zia at the center stage
MobaZane, Shark and Zia at the center stage

Despite not facing the full power of the M3 Champions and Sea Games gold medalist, BTK's win proves that their worth the recognition.

After all, they were also the only team that can give problems to the prime Blacklist lineup last M3 series.

Source: Sibol

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