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Fujitsu "fi Series" A4 High-Speed Image scanners announced

Fujitsu released 8 new models of commercial image scanners and dubbed them the "fi 8000 series".
Fujitsu "fi Series" A4 High-Speed Image scanners announced
ADF and Flatbed models

New Fujitsu scanners announced!

It consists of 4 Automatic Document Feed (ADF) models—the fi-8190, fi-8170, fi-8150, fi8150U, and 4 flatbed-equipped models called the fi-8290, fi-8270-, fi-8250, fi-8250U.

According to the Japanese electronics maker, these are compact in size and deliver fast performance with up to 90ppm/180ipm alongside a large capacity tray capable of holding 100 sheets at a time.
Automatic Separation Control
Automatic Separation Control

The scanners also feature "Automatic Separation Control" which scans large quantities of different documents including passports and A3 sizes with ease. Users can scan comfortably without having to stop to deal with misfeeds and multi-feeds. This can automatically identify thick plastic cards, documents with stickers, photos, and adhesive labeling. Furthermore, there is no need for users to switch profiles based on the document, which speeds up the scanning of mixed batches, such as driver's licenses and application documents.
w/o Clear Image (left), w/ Clear Image (right)
w/o Clear Image (left), w/ Clear Image (right)

They also said it has a newly developed "Clear Image Capture" that allows users to generate clear images that are ideal for data extraction and OCR processing. This is thanks to the special image processor it has which can also contribute to shorter startup times and efficient power draw.
The Image Monitoring feature
The Image Monitoring feature

Another capability of the scanners is the iSOP technology which detects paper jams by sound, and Image Monitoring which can detect tilted images in real-time so that scans will stop once image angles exceed the safe range and ensure no damage to documents.

Its connectivity features include USB 3.2 and LAN support, allowing network connection or operation with a PC. Although note that the fi-8150 and fi-8250 models do not have LAN connectivity support.

Moving forward, Fujitsu says you can scan without a PC and from Web applications running on thin client terminals using PaperStream NX Manager.

Finally, the Japanese brand stated that its PaperStream IP Net allows for an automatic switch to a network connection and it is also capable of creating Searchable PDFs.

For the pricing, Fujitsu will schedule to release within the month. They may contact Fujitsu Phils for scanner queries.

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