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Meta's new test will allow users to have up to 5 Facebook profiles

Meta earlier revealed that the company is now testing a new feature that will allow Facebook users to create multiple profiles on their accounts.
File photo: Facebook's web interface

Up to 5 profiles per user!

According to Bloomberg, the move is to encourage posting and sharing on the said social network which has seen growth slow, especially with younger users.

The profiles that the users can create won't need to include a person's real name or identity. Users could also have one for friends and another for co-workers with their own feed.

The catch is the users will only be able to comment or like another post with one profile.

The created additional profiles are still required to follow Facebook's content policies and they will be tied with the user's core account. So, if you violate the rules on one of your profiles, your primary profile will also suffer consequences.

The report notes that Facebook hopes users will create separate identities for their different interests, like gaming, travel, or food with multiple profiles.

The product change would "help people tailor their experience based on interests and relationships," like posting different types of content aimed at family versus friends, Meta said in a statement.

Reuters meanwhile reported that its rules against impersonation and other types of misleading representations of identity would continue to apply to all profiles.

The multiple profiles feature is still just a test for now and it is available to some US users in other countries.

To read the full report, visit this link.

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